Workshops & Presentations

We have several workshops, and are always creating more, with the goal of empowering people to take ownership of their relationships with substances. These workshops are also built to provide information for people who want to support others in their life and their relationship with substances; you do not have to use substances to benefit from the information we share! All of our workshops are evidence-informed, and we involve peers in everything that we do. Send us an e-mail to request a workshop, and will be in touch to see how we can meet your needs – we kindly ask you to request these about a minimum of a month ahead of time.  

If you’re part of our UBCO community, keep an eye out for regularly scheduled workshops or check out our content in the Wellness Centre: Online through Canvas.

Party Better (lower-risk party workshop)

We believe a healthy social life addresses equity and inclusion, incorporates your values, and supports a healthy relationship with others, yourself, and the substances you use. Our tailored workshops on lower-risk partying include…

  • Environment – where you choose to party, what is around, who is around
  • Alcohol – types of alcohol, what leads to intoxication, how to reduce the harms of alcohol 
  • Overdose Awareness, Prevention, and Treatment – what leads to different types of overdoses, what these look like, and how to respond (including aftercare for the responder) 
  • Consent – the intersection of consent and substance use 
  • COVID-19 – what your risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 is in various settings and how to reduce related harms 

Overdose Awareness & Prevention

There are various types of overdoses, and it is important to know the differences, how to prevent them, and how to respond. This workshop does an in-depth look at common substances, how they affect people, and how to care for those who are using them (including yourself!). 

Mental Health & Substance Use

Mental health and substance use go hand-in-hand; many people use substances to address their mental health concerns, and often mental health concerns can be made worse by certain types of substances.1 This workshop takes a look at these relationships.

Drug-Checking Partners

For individuals or groups who would like more information about drug-checking and want to partner with us more formally – this one’s for you! We provide information on our framework, values, policies, procedures, and specific steps for how to get involved. For organizations requesting our drug-checking services, or folks who want to operate as a sample drop-off location, we ask that your organization first attend one of our Drug-Checking Partners workshops.

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