We aim to provide all the resources we can to support our community members in their pursuit of harm reduction. Our team is usually working on several campaigns at once, collaborating with partners’ campaigns, and cheering on fellow harm reduction organizations. As part of this work, we are constantly adding to our supplies by creating innovative and informative educational resources. Below is a list of materials we regularly have available for the public. We strive to always have available during our drug-checking hours.

  • Packaging for Drug-Checking Samples: tinfoil, small plastic baggies, envelopes, sample collection forms 
  • Drug-Checking At Home: fentanyl test strips, small plastic cups, instructions 
  • Overdose Prevention: naloxone kits, informational resources 
  • Sanitary Supplies: cookies, filters, needles, syringes, vitamin C, condoms, wooden push sticks, water vials, alcohol swabs, safe needle disposal containers
  • Educational Material: pamphlets, posters, cards for mental health resources, substance use support, overdose awareness and prevention, and anti-stigma
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